2019 Winter Meeting plus Forage Competition

5th December 2019

By kind permission of the Paterson Family, Hartbush, Amisfield, Dumfries

History of Hartbush Farm

The Paterson family has been at Hartbush for 103 years, originally the farm was 375 acres and gradually expanded over the years with a final purchase of the neighboring Bar Farm in 2002.

Farm area allocation is as follows:

Acres owned605
Acres rented257

Silage :Area allocated to silage are as follows: –

1st cut:120 acres + 80 bales of haylage
2nd cut:142 acres plus 70 bales of haylage

Last silage results:

  Dry Matter ME  MJ/kg Sugars % Crude Protein pH Ash % D.Value %
First Cut 52.7 9.29 5.62 10.64 6.1 6.65 58.05
Big Bale 34.05 8.9 2.89 12.02 6.10 8.11 55.64

Rations using silage: Maximom barley, Hight Quality protein concentrate plus, molasses and a bespoke mineral.

Other Crops.

Winter Barley acres:  Sown for 2020 harvest, 51 acres

Spring Barley: 2019: 109 acres. Yielding 3 tonnes acre @ 18-20% mc

                          2020: 80 acres

Beef cows

Numbers: 320

Main calving period: Spring to summer.

Breed: All home bred Limousin Simmental crosses. These are bulled with either Simmental, Limousin, or Charolais bulls.

Marketing: Calves are mostly sold privately as stores.

                     Cows are sold deadweight


Numbering: 530

Main breed:  Half bred with Suffolk tups

Lambing: End February. Scanning percentage, 2019, 182%

Marketing:  Deadweight


John and Stephen Paterson plus Colin Rae