Extraordinary Committee Meeting of South West Scotland Grassland Society Wednesday 21st August 2019

Woodlands Hotel, Newbridge Dumfries

In attendance

H. McClymont, D. Watson, D. Millar, P. Cowan, A. Brown, R. Campbell, A. Braid, J. Dunlop, A. Best, A. Nelson, D. Yates, J. Watson, W.Welsh,


C. McGinley, R. Jones, A. Kerr,

Minutes of last meeting approved, by A. Nelson and seconded by Drew Watson

Discussion of matters from last committee meeting.

1/ Marking system for annual silage competition. This was presented by A. Best and no changes were required.

2/  Mr Sam Carlisle has withdrawn from the winter meeting of 2019, and the next choice  Mr J.Paterson of Hartbush, Amisfield has agreed to host this meeting.

3/  Sean Williams, Buccleugh Estates. Has agreed to judge the 2019 competition.

4/ Accounts: 30TH September 2018 to 31st July 2019. Accounts approved unanimously by the committee

Section 2 of the meeting.

It was thought necessary after a meeting with Chairman, Peter Cowan, Secretary, Andrew Best and committee member, Hugh McClymont. That an Extraordinary Committee Meeting of the South West Scotland Grassland Society should be organised. This has been prompted due to a lack of commitment by members of the society, during recent summer meetings.

Changes suggested and to be implemented to address the above.

A media advertising group was established of Robin Campbell and Donald Millar to advertise via social media, future events of the society. The aim to communicate with younger group of farmers that maybe the Society is not communicating with at present.

Future meeting should have a focus on knowledge transfer, with a short presentation by one or two speakers from the Agricultural research or supply industry on the latest research and practices.

The summer meetings to be moved from a day to an evening visit.

More detail on the meetings

Winter Meeting Agenda:

  • Still to be held on a day.
  • The forage competition to be unchanged in its format.
  • For the prize winners, only the first placed to receive a glass prize.
  • Bed and Breakfast silage entries, to be placed in the beef section
  • Two speakers to present a brief topic for knowledge transfer to the members.

Summer Meeting Agenda:

  • To be held in the 3rd week July. Subject to approval of the host farmer.
  • Start time 19.30hrs

Details of future meetings.

Winter Meeting.

J.Paterson of Hartbush, Amisfield, on the 5th December 2019. Start time 10.30

Outline of the day,

10.30 Start

11.00 Farm Tour

12.00 To Amisfield Hall

Lunch at Amisfield Hall (The Hall has been booked and Sandra Braid has agreed to provide the catering)


Forage competition results.

Speakers ( Knowledge transfer)

Harbro and Yara have been approached as a sponsor and to provide a speaker.

Knowledge Transfer Speakers to be invited to give 10 minute talk. In the case of the Hartbush meeting. It was suggested Harbro, Mr Patersons feed supply to be invited to discuss rationing the beef animal, and Yara to discuss soil mapping.

Summer meeting.

Venue,  Mr John McIntosh will be approached by Donald Millar and J Watson.

As well as the usual advertising by text it was agreed to place an advert in the Free Press Newspaper.

The second choice approved as Mark Calendar, Croft Head, Crocketford, Castle Douglas.

Meeting closed.